Privacy Policy


Aucnet collects and uses customers’ and business partners’ personal information, such as names and addresses, for the purpose of conducting its business activities. Handling this information properly and protecting it is an extremely important duty. Aucnet adheres strictly to the privacy policy detailed herein to ensure that it fulfills this duty.


(1) Compliance with Laws and Regulations and Efforts to Improve the Handling of Personal Information
We comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws and regulations as well as with generally accepted practices for the handling of personal information. We handle personal information appropriately in accordance with these items, and work constantly to improve our handling of personal information.
(2) Establishing and Implementing Internal Rules
We maintain a clear set of rules on the handling of personal information, and ensure that employees (including directors, employees, contract employees, part time staff, and temporary staff) fully observe the rules. We also require our business partners to handle personal information appropriately.
(3) Appropriate Collection of Personal Information and Specification of Purpose of Use
We collect personal information according to legitimate and fair methods, specify the purpose of use when communicating or disclosing the information, and handle the information in accordance with the stated purpose of use.
(4) Safeguarding and Managing Personal Information
We take the necessary measures and appropriately manage personal information to prevent leakage, loss, or falsification of personal information.
(5) Requests and Complaints from Customers
When we receive requests, from customers or other individuals, for the disclosure, correction, deletion, or cessation of use of personal information that we hold, and when we receive complaints from customers or other individuals, we clearly specify the internal contact responsible for handling the matter and deal with such requests and complaints with due respect and sincerity.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

We collect personal information necessary for performing our business activities in a variety of situations, manage and use part of that information as “personal data” or “personal data held.” The purposes of using such personal information are described below. However, after collecting personal information from an individual, we may, at times, separately disclose or inform the individual the purpose of use of that information. In such situations, or when we have explicitly specified in writing (including in writing on websites or by other electronic means) the purpose of use of personal information when collecting it from the individual, the personal information will be used in accordance with the stated purpose.

To ensure smooth business operations, we outsource part of our operations to other parties, disclose and provide personal information to those parties, but only to the extent required. In such cases, we screen and examine those parties, conclude the necessary agreements, and perform appropriate oversight.

(1) Purpose of use of personal information regarding customers and business partners in all of Aucnet’s operations.
・We may also use personal information for the purpose of marketing, product development, and other service provision besides the main business activities of Aucnet and Aucnet Group companies.
(2) Purpose of use of personal information and personal data collected in conjunction with work outsourced to us.
・We use personal information and data only to the extent required to perform the requested work.
(3) We use personal information to enforce rights and perform obligations under the Commercial Act.
・For exertion of rights and execution of obligations according to the commercial law.
・We use personal information to provide convenience and service to shareholders.
・We use personal information to implement measures for facilitating smooth shareholder relations.
・We use personal information to prepare shareholder data pursuant to applicable laws and regulations and for other shareholder-data-management purposes.
(4) Purpose of Use of Directors’ and Employees’ Personal Information
・We use personal information for matters relating to personnel affairs, training, benefits, and other human resources issues.
・Our employees use personal information to perform assigned duties and tasks.

Disclosing and Providing Information to Third Parties

We will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party (including outsourcing counterparties as described above), except when:

  1. Such disclosure/provision is agreed to by the customer.
  2. The information is provided in the form of statistical data that prevents individuals from being identified.
  3. Required by law.
  4. It is necessary for the protection of the life or property of the customer or other individuals and obtaining consent from the customer is difficult.
  5. The disclosure/provision is made in cooperation with national or local authorities, or an individual or entity appointed by such authorities to enforce the law or carry out legal process, and when seeking the consent of the individual could affect such enforcement or legal process.
  6. We disclose personal information contained in the images of used cars to third parties or customers for the purpose of auctions and sales.
  7. We disclose or provide personal information to the parties described in the following section for the purpose of sharing the personal information.